Friday, December 02, 2011


Number 757 is a combination of the attributes and vibrations of the numbers 7 and 5, with the number 7 appearing twice, magnifying its influences. Number 7 resonates with knowledge and understanding, discernment and listening to the inner-self, spiritual development and awakening, learning and education, determination and persistence of purpose, mysticism, psychic abilities and spiritual gifts. Number 5 is associated with important life changes, creativity and new beginnings, auspicious new opportunities, making life choices and decisions, learning lessons through experience, imagination and curiosity, resourcefulness, adaptability and versatility.  

Angel Number 757 is a message that the changes you are going through (or are about to go through) will bring you into perfect alignment with your Divine life purpose. Be optimistic and positive about these changes as they will bring much personal satisfaction and good fortune through new and interesting opportunities.  

Angel Number 757 can suggest that new information or news of a positive nature is on its’ way, so be open to signs, synchronicities and messages from your angels. Your angels and spirit guides often communicate in the form of intuition, dreams, visions, thoughts and perceptions, so follow your instincts and act affirmatively on your ideas and aspirations.

Angel Number 757 foretells of a 'gift' present for you. This could come in the form of the material, spiritual or even intellectual. The 'gift' may seem great or small, but it will be of great significance.

Angel Number 757 may also be suggesting that you make relevant changes in your life that are suited to who you truly are within. The angels encourage you to live your spiritual truths in earnest.

Number 757 relates to number 1 (7+5+7=19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1.

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  1. Angela: Thank you Angels this does apply to me. I am following my heart.

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  3. This is a repeating number I keep seeing as well as 333,111,11:11,555,444, as well as other triple digit numbers with a repeat but 3 seems to be the most common repeating number like 1:33 or so on I'm in process of transmuting all negitivity in my life as I prepair to rejoin my twin flame in sacride union and as I transmute myself i transmute those around me so many people have reached out for my help in the last week iv seen sinrocity for a month some times 20x or more perweek!!!! I know I'm on the right path and am happy to take it

  4. I'm sitting crying in laughter yet joy because since seeing 11:11 for the first time two years ago the synchronicity I have been experiencing in life since I know who my angels are... and today this number gave me the spiritual gift and final answer I needed thank you...

  5. Grateful! 💜 it is happening to me through my choices and with your help!

  6. I thanked you just above..but want to do it again for this combination this morning one after each other - 0055, 755, 755, 755, 757! You support and encouragement is unlimited. Thank you💜

  7. Thank you I really needed to read this tonight to not feel so so so confused about my new life path.....

  8. Thank you so much for this website! My guides defiantly communicate through it as for so many people around the world.. I love all of you!

  9. I love your website and have told many people about it and about angel numbers and... so we begin making a good positive difference in our own lives and in others. Continue to shine your little light Joanne!xxx

  10. Hahaha! Saw 7:57am this morning 01/01/2017 (technically the whole date is a 3 but 2017 is 1, as with 757 being 1, new beginnings abound!

  11. I lool at these a lot and I want to say thank you. Since I started being more aware of numbers I get hints everyday and they have been evolving and changing order after much repetition. They seem to take every chance they can to send me a message and it keeps them ever present in my days. So thank you for this opportunity to connect to my guides with your resources.

  12. Thank you Angels Thank you Joanne. I read this blog always when I see these numbers and Im watching the signs. Puzzle is coming together piece by piece. Whenever I need guidance I ask and indeed I get something new to look for. So happy. It's been so draining road to walk here but im still alive and hopefully starting to really live the life I imagined to live. Happy and free, guiding light for the ones who need the wings the most.

    1. Thank you for this I am really struggling now when knowing what to do, but hopefully things will work out.